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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 5:27 pm

~Forum Rules~

Every offence against the rules of the Forums (the now following general rules and of course the special rules for some subforums) may lead to a warning.
The Administrators of the forums has the right to ban accounts on the forums. The interpretation of the rules is up to the board team. All Staff members cought abusing their powers will be quicked from the team.

..::: Accounts, Warnings and Bannings :::..

1.1 Every User may register and use one account. Multiple registrations and usage of several accounts may lead to a banning of all accounts. All IP Shears must be reported.

1.2 After receiving the third warning an account may be banned up to 3 days, in extreme cases longer. The circumventing of the ban by registering a second account is not allowed. An account may get banned permanently, this depends on the rules that were broken.

1.3 In extreme cases it is possible a User gets banned without having several warnings.

1.4 Editing a post after a warning was given (this includes removing or editing the warning) is against the rule and can lead to a ban from the forums.

..::: Attitude on the forums :::..

2.1.1 Posting contents and links of pornographic, politically extremist, immoral and offensive material, which may breach applicable laws, are forbidden.

2.1.2 It is also not allowed to post keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez". Discussion of such items will lead to an immediate warning.

2.1.3 It is not allowed to post private conversations (board PM, IRC, MSN, ingame PM) without the consent of all the other parties.

2.2.1 Posting of contents which do not belong to the topic / relevant forum (Spam/Offtopic) are undesired and may lead to a warning.

2.2.2 “Backseat modding”, pretending like a moderator, is not allowed. If you find a post not according to the rules, just report the post to a moderator.

2.3.1 Images in signatures may not exceed the following measurements :

Height: 150 px
Width: 450 px
Size : 50 kb


Height: 100 px
Width: 500 px

Size : 50 kb

One pic per signature.

2.3.2 Signatures must not have more than 3 lines of standard sized text.

2.3.3 Images may be attached or embedded within posts but they must not exceed the following sizes :

Height: 400 px
Width: 400 px

A file size of 100 kb each.

2.3.4 Moderators may remove any pictures deemed to be oversized at any time. No more than 6 pictures may be placed inside any single post.

2.3.5 Due to information sometimes needed to be passed on to users, staff may sometimes have an extension of text placed in the signature. They can't use images larger then 50kb.

2.4 Flaming, offences against other users or staff, inappropriate language and trolling are punishable on the whole forum.

2.5 The board team holds the right to censor posts and/or threads in which. This will be marked in the relevant post or the orignal post will be edited (this will be marked as well).

2.6 Reposting of a theme that was already closed is not allowed. If you wish to post in it, ask the moderator who closed it to reopen. in case the Moderator refuses to reopen a thread you have a right to contact the Forum Addministrator.

2.7 Account Trading for numeres games is not allowed here. Do such things on other forums or via PM, IRC, MSN, E-mail etc.

2.8 Advertisement and linking to browsergames is not allowed on the whole forums, exception is the "Online Games" forum, however the threads there are ment for the disscusion of the game not for advertising alliances, clans, guilds. Posting Mug/Referals links instead of the real URL is forbiden.

2.8.1 Mug/Referal links are only allowed in signatures on this board.

2.9 The board language is English, and only English. No other language is to be used anywhere in the forum, including signatures, avatars, etc.

2.10 Spamming of emoticons and images is not allowed due to the fact that it may freeze peoples’ computers. Images or postings which are side exceeding (means one has to scroll vertically or/and horizontally to read all) are not allowed.

2.11 All posts must contain a minimum of 6 words; fewer words will be considered as spam and warned accordingly. Any forms of abbreviations such as: ICU, BRB, LOL, ROFLMAO, will be considered one word.

2.12 If you feel warned unfairly, first PM the moderator who gave the warning. Then you may get in contact the Smod. In extreme cases you have the right to talk to a Board Admin. The Board Admins’ word is final. No Staff Member including the Root Addmin is above the rules, but his word is finnal.

2.14 Impersonation of a staff member (name, avatar, signature) may lead to a warning or in extreme cases to a ban.

2.15 Posthunting (posting just to get a higher postcount) results in a warning or in extreme cases in a direct ban.

2.16 It is not allowed to post in CAPS (capital letters).

2.17 It's not allowed to post for banned people. If you do so, it results in a warning for you. Only exception can be made for good-bye threads (with prior permission from an Mod). The sharing of accounts with people who are banned from the board will also incur a ban for the account holder.

2.18 Discussion of bans or warnings is not permitted in the publicforums, this may result in further bans or warnings. Please discuss these issues with the moderator involved or their superior on the board only.

2.18 The report button is only to be used when someone breaches the forum rules. Misuse of the report button will lead in a

..::: Notes :::..

The following themes are to be discussed with the board administration:

- Signature Bans
- Unban request (via email)
- User title – Name changes
- Complains about Smods (concerning Mods, please get first in contact with a Smod)

The staff reserves the right to change rules when they deem it necessary. User will be notifed when the rules change.

The use of these forums is a privilege, not a right. Administrators reserve the right to do what they think is best for the forums, including the banning of people.

No Staff Member is above the rules, nor any member of the forum. Remember keep that in mind.
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Forum Rules
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