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 The Books of Fate: Volume I [OOC]

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The Books of Fate: Volume I [OOC] Empty
PostSubject: The Books of Fate: Volume I [OOC]   The Books of Fate: Volume I [OOC] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 12:26 pm

Many forest legends tell of a collection of volumes called the Books of Fate. They say that the one that holds all shall be the master of life itself. Thus, many have looked for them in various places, and all have either returned to the dust with one, or none, and for all but two, all have been given the latter option. From the decipherable writing in the books, there seems to be ten of such books, named as such:

Isidar - Book of Engulfing Conflagarations

Periditos - Book of Nereidic Blizzards

Tarkaroth - Book of Titanic Fissures

Mein'War - Book of Cyclonic Tempests

Finalicos - Book of Emptiness

Ygarinos - Book of Life-Giving Warmths

Fyarin - Book of Refreshing Springs

Listicol - Book of Joyful Harvests

Osilon - Book of Heavenly Delights

Gymarilia - Book of Uncorrupted Wishes

In each of these books lie ancient magicks, and in the wrong hands, could be used to destroy the world. As such, the Great-Spawn of Nature and the Children of Spring ferry the first two books, which have already been found, to each other, but as the other humans slowly cut down the forests and erect cities, the two groups' secret may be found.
Yes, this is an idea for an RP. There are three human groups, and six races, which are as follows:

Human: A normal human. Has all-around decent stats, unless you specialize in one group:

Great-Spawn of Nature--
Knows earth magic. Defense is strong, but attack is rather weak. Good magical defense, however.

Children of Spring--
Knows earth and water magic. Uses magic attacks, but has low defense. Good magical defense, however.

Can choose to know two kinds of magic. All-around good stats, but terrible magical defense.

Eldicarzan: A very athletic race. Has great attack and defense, but knows no magic, and can't defend from magic for the life of the Eld.

Izziral: A magic-based race. Has terrible defense, but uses magic atacks, and knows all schools of magic. Almost complete magic damage mitigation.

Animacor: A shape-shifter. Can shapeshift into two chosen animals, but has below-average stats unless in either animal. You make the call on the stats while in animal form, but BE REASONABLE. Magic defense is similar to the Children of Spring, and you can't use magic.

Mezzi-Warzan: A very... odd race. Terribad stats all-around, but gives off a VERY NICE aura that sends either attack, defense, magical defense, or magical attacks off the chart for everyone close to the Mezzi-Warzan (excluding enemies and the Mezzi itself.)

Telicos: A bard-type race. You can make almost anything happen with your music, but rein in the WTFPWNZORZ effects, and please, allow yourself to fail at singing every so often, or else you'd be overpowered.

Okay, here's the character sheet:

Specialization (If you're going to be a spellcaster human.):
Age:(Most races age similarly to humans, except Izziral and Telicos. Telicos pretty much won't die by old age, and Izziral live to about five-hundred years, four-hundred and fifty being considered rather elderly.)
Aura (If you're a Mezzi-Warzan):
Animal A (If you're an Animacor):
Animal B (If you're an Animacor):
Appearance: (Description only!
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The Books of Fate: Volume I [OOC] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Books of Fate: Volume I [OOC]   The Books of Fate: Volume I [OOC] Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2008 8:48 pm

Holy cow, that was very intricate...
And I fear, too much so for myself...
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The Books of Fate: Volume I [OOC]
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