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 Role-Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role-Play Rules   Role-Play Rules Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 2:35 am

Please read this entire topic before you post anything in this area. Breaking the rules may lead to receiving a warning, or even a (temporarily) suspension of your forum account. All normal Board Rules are still active in this area.

These forum is for interactive Role-Playing. All participants in a RPG must read and adhere to these rules. Failure to follow the rules listed here may result in warnings, temporary bans or permanent bans.

Users must post in a language understandable to all RPGers. This means standard English, without containing nudity or racism, even if your character is supposed to hate others!

In non-OOC threads, you can only use Game Characters, and you can only control your own character.You can use Non-player-characters to chat with. You cannot have them fight for you, only Game Masters decide if a NPC has to fight somebody.

You can have personal NPCs to server you, which you can control. Ofcourse, a GameMaster can decide you cannot have a certain NPC. Player controlled NPCs are, for example, a squire or a co-pilot.

Thread-starters can set limitations for other players. For example, they could set a minimum amount of characters per post. Moderators are allowed to give warnings for violating the Topic starters rules. Topic starters have to mention the rules in the first post though.

God-Moding is NOT allowed.

Roleplay Moderators are allowed to change, close or sticky any post in the RPG Area.

Out of Character lines should clearLy be marked as such. For example
When you post, your post should at least contain two lines, and at least one 'in character' line. Use a spelling checker to check your posts too!

Quote :
(OOC: You should go and kill the traitor)

The Great Escape Moderator group reserves the right to change these rules at any moment they deem neccessary. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated! Your current Role-Play Team: Lord Filip

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Role-Play Rules
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