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 Role Playing Guide

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PostSubject: Role Playing Guide   Role Playing Guide Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 2:40 am

Role Playing Guide
by Luzburg

Welcome to the The Great Escape Role-Play board. You can come here to forget the drudgery of daily life and let your imagination take you wherever you like!

To begin you may want to draw up a character in your mind and then put that idea onto notepad or word. It can be basic, name and age to a complex back story and/or biography. It may help you to lay it out like so:

General Info

Nationality: Optional, if a fantasy thread you can make up something as well.
Body Build: Stocky, Skinny, Bulky, Muscular, Athletic etc...
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length: Medium, Long, Short etc...
Facial Hair: Optional for females lol, exclusion for a male char means None
Skin Colour: Optional, skin colour doesn’t matter as I always say.


Head: Helmet, Sheet, None etc..
Upper Body: Chest Plate, Rags etc..
Hands: Gloves, bandages etc...
Lower Body: Leather trousers etc...
Feet: Sandals, Leather boots etc.

Equipment Combo One
Right Hand: Hatchet
Left Hand: Hatchet

Combo Two

Right Hand: Hatchet
Left Hand: Buckler

Combo Three
Both Hands: Great Axe (2H)

Now that the basics are down you can go straight into a role-play. You might want to think up a past for your character. A simple story will suffice but you can be as complex as you want. Of course you can develop your characters story while posting in a thread.When you enter a story/thread you must read the first post and discover what the thread starter wants you to do. Ultimately the starter is the god of the storyline as well as using their own character(s). Usually you will need to write about why you are in the story. Starting a thread involves thinking out a storyline and deciding what is its ultimate aim. You should start by describing the setting, remember: Where, When, What, Who and Why. Where is the story taking place, is it in a town, in the countryside or on the moon. When is the story happening, what year, time of year, weather, what kind of technology, political scene. What is the story, are you trying to invade a country, escape your oppressors, hosting a tournament. Who are you, who are your enemies, who will the other participants be; will they be your allies or enemies, your slaves, your masters? Why are they doing what they are doing, what is their motivation, what drives them to survive?

Now that you started a thread and/or are involved in the storyline you need to interact with the other people who signed up to the story. You can do this by duelling them, becoming friends, by being rivals or simply talking to them to begin with. You can make your own decisions on whom to listen to in the thread but do not ignore the OOC instructions from the thread starter.

Terms used while in a Role-Play

OOC: OOC is short for out of character. It shows that the content you are posting is in your own voice, and not that of your character. The OOC content is usually enclosed in brackets.
Char: Char is short for character.
Godmoding: Making your character incredibly powerful, or at least without having developed the character to justify the power. Example: “I came along and pwned everybody with my sword. I then use my magic spell to kill everybody instantly.”
Powerplaying: Using another person’s character without permission.
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Role Playing Guide
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