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PostSubject: STORIES OF THE REPUBLIC: A NEW LAW   STORIES OF THE REPUBLIC: A NEW LAW Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2008 6:55 am


The Introduction

The Republic has existed for 400 years and has been at peace for a long time. The Republic is consistent of 10 planets in other words it is consistent of 10 Countries:

  1. 1. Karia (The Biggest City is located here, it is also the Capital)
    2. Naria (The smallest but richest Planet, it’s all thanks to the greatly advanced Trade)
    3. Lakan’dar (A Ex-Farming Colony*, things have changed a lot, but farming is the main thing here)
    4. Ashum’kan no dar ( A powerful Military has always existed here)
    5. Karina( Well known for Good Industry)
    6. Utopia(The 2nd Biggest City)
    7. Galacia(Also famous for Trade, but not as much as Naria)
    8. Gana’gan(This Planet has 2 Suns. The temperature is very high and the only valuable thing here is Oil and Uranium)
    9. Alsia(A well built Mining Center. Main things here are: Iron, Silicon, Copper, Metal and Silver)
    10. Normidania(This Planet is 60% Ice and Snow. It’s very cold here but there are large stacks of Gold, Metal, Crystal and Oil here. But another valuable resource is Garinius*)

The Home-planet and the Capital is located on the Planet Karia. All of these Planets are independent, but have chose to live united and shear everything. Resources, Technology, Military and so on… The Government leads The Republic. There are 2 representatives from each Planet. There is also a Karikan which is something like a Parliament. There are 10 representatives from each planet. The Army is Commanded by The High General who is chosen by The Government Leaders. He must listen to their orders and respect the opinions of the other 10 Generals (1 General for each Planet and The High General make it a total of 11 Generals). In fact The Republic is the most stable and democratic Country in the universe.
* Lakan’dar was a Colony of the Trade Republic 70 years ago. The Republic helped it in its war for independence. 69 years ago it joined the Republic.
* Garinius is rear mineral found in frozen places. It is the main component of the Death Star, Planet Shield and the Mada-Flux.

William Freeman

Place: Ashum’kan no dar HQ
Time and date: Unknown
Action: Interrogation
Main Operatives: General Kaminski
Target: Sir John of Naria

“In the suburbs of a small town Galakia on the Planet Naria lived a very strange man, William was the name. Why was he so strange? Some said ghosts lived in his house, some said a murder was committed there and the others just said he was spooky and scary. Children always avoided him, all the gossip they heard about him made them think that William was and still is some sort of a Monster. But these were all just some made up stories, but would you believe if somebody told you it was all true?
Yes there are ghosts in the house…but those ghosts are the ghosts of the past, nothing but memories…
Murder was not committed in that old and spooky house, but the man who lives inside was once a Monster who killed many people. But no William is not a criminal, he is or should we say he was a War Veteran and a great Hero. In fact if it wasn’t for him the city that all these people lived in might have been destroyed.
What made William leave the Army nobody knows, but he chose to live a simple life in the country. Everybody enjoys the time of peace. The Republic has been in peace for 50 years…or so people think. There were many wars lead against the Trade Republic yet nobody seemed to know of it… The Wars were lead in a different Solar System so nobody could have knew…only the brave man the fought them, such as William…That is as much as I know…”-Those were the words of Sir John, but he quickly continued…
“On the other hand if we could make some sort of a deal, I’m sure I could remember something…”

“William Freeman you say?”-asked a man. The lights were now turned on. In a small room were 2 men-Sir John and General Kaminski. Sir John seemed very pleased with himself, he had problems with money and now he saw a way to make it all better…
“Yes, William Freeman!”-he said.
The tall and strong General looked at him with his dark brown eyes. He made a smile it was now obvious to him that the man was laying. He said in a calm and soft voice.
“It says here that this man died 20 years ago in fire in Alsia…Think you should change your story?”
Sir John looked at him puzzled and baffled. His small green eyes looked at the tall man. He was frightened now. Laying to The Government can be punishable by death…
In a shivering voice he spoke:

“It would seem I have the wrong man then…”
The General looked at him with a satisfied look on his face. He caught the man laying…a part of the nobility…that will be helpful in the future he thought to himself.
With a normal voice he spoke:
“Ok then, you can go and remember this conversation was never lead.”
The man looked at The General, he knew he was safe.
Then he just remembered something, he addressed the General in a confident voice.
“Sir you’re forgetting some funds I was promised to come here and talk...”
The General turned away from the man and walked outside the small room. Another man came in just as the General walked out.
He had a BioArmor on himself. He spoke in a loud and clear voice.
“You are no longer of use to the Revolution.”
With those words he pulled out a Plasma Gun and aimed at the mans heart…
“No please I beg you!”
Were the last words John said.
There were two blue flashes of light…
The Body of the old man was down on the floor covered in blood.
He was just one of the many victims…
The General walked down the dark corridor with another man next to him.
He spoke in a low voice.
“William Freeman is just myth…do you agree?”
The other man hid his face in the shadows, but he spoke in an even lower voice.
“It would be a good idea…to make up such a hero…to keep the moral of the men high…but let us not drop our gourd down…if he is out there he could spoil our plans…”
The other man now showed his face, he was very old and almost bold. He had very dark eyes.
The General was thinking deeply and after several minutes of walking he spoke.
“Perhaps he is using another name this time. What if he is no longer William Freeman. What if he is out there…waiting for us in the shadows…”
The other man quickly responded.
“Then it is up to you to stop him…the Revolution must not break…”
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PostSubject: Re: STORIES OF THE REPUBLIC: A NEW LAW   STORIES OF THE REPUBLIC: A NEW LAW Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2008 4:58 pm

Oooo, this sounds interesting...

*sits cross-legged, excitedly waiting for more of story-time*
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