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 ~~Sig Battles Rules~~

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~~Sig Battles Rules~~ Empty
PostSubject: ~~Sig Battles Rules~~   ~~Sig Battles Rules~~ Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 8:46 am

~~Sig Battles Rules~~

When opening a General Battle Thread you must state:

Number of people: xxx
Render to be used: (if any)
Style: (if any)
Size: yyy x yyy; xx kb max
Time till opening of the voting topic:

Quote :

Number of people: 3
Render to be used: Freestyle
Style: Smudge;Grudge
Size: 120 x 360; 60 kb max
Time till opening of the voting topic: 48h since the opening

Posts by users which aren't a part of the battle will be treated as spam. Things such as "I'm in!" will be treated as spam. Here you can just post sig's that you made for the battle

Once all of the users have made the sig, the Thread Starter must open a Voting Thread.
When posting a Vote thread you must post it like so:

Quote :
#1 XXX

#2 YYY

#3 HHH


When voting you make a post in which you shall state the fallowing:quote:

Quote :
#2 gets my vote. Good efects, nice Render and way better then the others.
Votes so far:

~~Challenges ~~

When Challenging you must post the same thing as in a Battle Thread but include who your challenging. A Challenge does not have to be accepted and the Challenged person can extend the dead-line by a maximum of 48h.

Posts by people who are not the Challenger or the Challenged user will be treated as spam

Once both users have made and posted the sigs the thread starter will open the voting topic.

No person can be challenged by two or more people at the same time.


There can be no more then 1 Tournament at the same time.
In a Tournament users are divided in groups. The user with the most points at the end wins. A Moderator is responsible for the choice of stocks, renders etc. As well as for the polls and the Tournament itself.


All forum rules apply here as well.
The Great Escape Team reserves the right to change the rules.
Your Moderating Team,
Global Mod Leader - Cipher
BA - Lord_Filip
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~~Sig Battles Rules~~
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